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Researchers across the globe want to better understand how you think.

What we do

As a member of e-Rewards, you’ll take in a variety of activities with one purpose. Sharing your views.

Every time you do, you’ll earn e-Rewards Currency. Once you collected enough, you can redeem for a reward of your choosing.

It’s all about giving companies and researchers a window into how you really feel.

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Earn your way

Unlike other market research communities, there’s more to e-Rewards than online surveys.

Share your honest feedback in quick polls, test prototype products, discover your local area with real-world missions and more.

Our survey topics range from trending news and opinions, to your favourite TV shows and brands.

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How your data is protected

Everyone deserves their privacy. That’s why we use the latest data security technology to ensure your information is kept safe.

We only share your responses with the survey sponsor and you'll have complete control over what information you share from your account.

No activity is mandatory and you can take part as little or as often as you like.

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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