The ins and outs of market research

Virtual megaphone

Here, we'll give you a lowdown on all things market research, so you'll understand how much of a difference you're making by sharing your valued opinions.

Think of e-Rewards as a virtual megaphone, putting your important thoughts on speaker for top brands around the world to hear.

Like a middleman

First things first, we need to explain who e-Rewards is in relation to market research.

e-Rewards works somewhat like a middleman between you and the world's biggest brands. Our clients are brands and companies who want to research what consumers think.

What people think

Let's say BRAND A wants to know what people think about a new flavor of cola. They'll create a survey in order to collect people's opinions.

BRAND A then comes to us, e-Rewards, to connect with cola consumers for feedback on the new flavor.

Key insights

Once enough survey responses have been collected, we hand key insights back to BRAND A, helping them to make important business decisions.

So, as you can see, at e-Rewards, your voice makes a real difference - now here's the all-important question: will you use it?

Company wants to know what customers think about their product or service
Company creates survey and hosts it on e-Rewards
e-Rewards members take survey through the website
e-Rewards gathers and analyses data and provides Company with feedback
Company takes into account feedback. Your voice heard